Welcome to the Kenley Cove website. The purpose of this spot is to keep you informed about the goings-on at our place concerning our ministry and products.

The exciting news is that we are cooperating with Westbow Press, a division of Zondervan Publishing, to make my book, Lessons from the Porch at Kenley Cove, available to you without calling or e-mailing me! On the Products page is a link straight to Westbow. It’s the handiest way to place your order.

Work has begun on the new book—The Adventures of Wanda, Donald and Fred! This is the place to watch for that release before the end of 2015.

My daily posts continue on the Facebook page, Lessons from the Porch at Kenley Cove. You may want to click on that page (remember to LIKE it, please), grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for daily inspiration. It is posted every weekday morning at 5 a.m. (Central).